What platforms is Caregi available on?
Caregi is available for iOS and through the browser. An Android version is planned for future release.
How much does Caregi cost?
The web version of the app is free, though the iOS app is a one-time charge of $1.99.

iOS App

How do I logout?
There's a link you can press under the "Settings" tab simply labeled "Logout".
How do I change my password?
Under the "Settings" tab, there is a "Change Password" option that will bring up a screen requiring you to enter both your old password as well as a new password (which you will have to confirm.)
Does the iOS app have Apple Watch support?
Not yet, but this is a planned feature for the future.
Does the iOS app work on iPads?
Yes, but it is not well optimized for them at this time, but we want to add that in a future update. Buying the app for iPad will get you the app on iPhone and vice versa.
How do I delete a habit?
Tap on the habit's card under the "Habits" tab, which will bring up more details about the habit. This will include a delete button.